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"I'm so glad I hired Paul - he's become my hero, my muse, my reason for being. And most importantly, his incredible writing has made me lots of money. Anyway, see you later, I'm off to the Bahamas."

You, soon

"Paul writes engaging articles of very high quality after thoroughly researching the topics he's assigned. His unique creative style, quick turnaround, and mastery of SEO quickly made him become my favorite writer. I love reading his articles. I now work with him very often to write new articles and even to edit other writers' articles. He is very easy to communicate with and to work with. I highly recommend Paul for any writing projects."


Firas, founder of

"I hired Paul as a freelance content writer at the start of the pandemic. During a time of high stress, working with Paul has been a breath of fresh air. His ability to juggle multiple projects is unlike any I’ve seen before, while completing tasks that have greatly improved the performance and ranking of our website. Paul is also super friendly and personable, making communication with him always enjoyable. Any company would be lucky to have him on board."

Ashley Katzeff - Bookaway

"Paul produces great work and is always on point. Out of all the writers we have employed over the past 9 years, Paul is the most reliable and timely."

Nicolette Ford - Social Matrix

"Paul always produced excellent scripts for our channel. The research for these was very important and he was able to gather information from multiple credible sources to create accurate scripts. His comedy writing was always a favourite for our viewers. Paul was also very easy to communicate with and would consistently provide quick revisions whenever needed. I highly recommend Paul for any of your writing needs."


Anonymous, founder of Fact Faction 

"Paul writes creative copy which makes people laugh while conveying important messages. He thinks carefully about target audience and the desired response from this audience. He helped my company to reach a wider audience."

Dan Hobson, founder of The Riot Act

"I don't know what SEO is. I didn't even know Paul was a travel writer, I just know he likes going on vacation a lot. I wish he'd get a real job."

Paul's Grandmother

"Paul has been a godsend! Not only does he consistently produce great work which absolutely nails the required tone, he is also very easy to work with. In fact, he often thinks of things I haven't. And no matter how big the task, he always delivers on time." 

Al Elliott, founder of Convert Magazine

"Paul is literally and objectively the best travel writer, SEO specialist and erotic dancer in the entire world."

Paul McDougal, creative writing genius -

"Paul maliciously and repeatedly threatened me and my family until I agreed to hire him for a menial $20 job. My children still haven't stopped crying, but the resulting article was admittedly very well written."

Anonymous, currently under witness protection

"Paul wrote many pieces of creative copy for several of my sites. His writing increased traffic and engagement. He's reliable, adaptable and very trustworthy. For engaging, readable copy, he quickly became one of my favourite writers to work with."

Shabnam Koosha - Find Festival


"Write an interesting article? Paul couldn't even be bothered to write me a birthday card."


One of Paul's many very attractive ex girlfriends

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