Need a writer?

My name is Paul. I’m a creative travel writer, script writer, marketing expert and SEO specialist. 

My story:

My skills:

A few years ago, I started writing.

I wanted to be professional. 


I wanted to impress and I wanted to do things right, so I copied what other professional writers were doing. I diligently learned from the people who were where I wanted to be. 


I copied their style, I copied their tone and I copied their approach.

But I was generating boring content, and I was being a boring writer. 


And so I learned that most writers are boring. Most online content is boring.

(Including probably yours).

And so I changed. ​I changed my tone and I changed my style. I helped my clients to generate more traffic, generate more leads and generate more money.​

And I can do the same for you. I'll write content that your readers actually want to read.

Don't hire a boring writer. Hire me instead.


I won't bore you, your audience, or anyone else.

I specialise in travel writing, SEO, marketing and scriptwriting. Here's what I do for my clients:

Write content that their audiences actually enjoy reading, watching and listening to.

Increase their Google rankings, improving their visibility, profits and success.

Give them what they and their audience actually want, not just something generic.

But more importantly than any of that stuff...

I'm very handsome. You and all of your family will be physically attracted to me.

I'm very funny. 'HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH' - that's you during a conversation with me.


I'm cool. I'm rad. I'm wicked. I'm like Will Smith but sexier.

I also like hiking, hitchhiking, traveling, laughing, lifting weights, writing comedy poetry and taking photographs.


But you don't care about any of that, because you're here to hire me, not to hear about my hobbies.

So stop reading this crap, and hurry up and hire me.