Need Content That Engages?

My writing is interesting, engaging and entertaining, and it will draw more visitors to your site.

Whether you’re a big business, small business or something else entirely, my bespoke content will draw engagement to your site, increase your profits and heighten your visibility. I will ensure that Google can find your site. And if Google can find it, so too can thousands of potential new readers.

My name is Paul. I’m a creative SEO specialist. I’ll work closely with you to deliver exactly what you need.

My skills:

  • Copywriting - copy is useless without SEO knowledge, and it’s even worse without creativity. My copy is creative and interesting, and it’s all guided by SEO.

  • Blog writing - I write blog posts that put your audience first. Whatever they want, I focus on it to deliver content that they’ll find interesting and engaging.

  • Travel writing - I've hiked, hitchhiked and slept in over 50 different countries. I love travelling - and I love writing about travelling. 

My background:

My background is in creative writing. I combine my creative writing skills with years of experience in creating copy for small and big businesses. This enables me to craft bespoke content which your audience will enjoy reading. And if they like what you give them, they’ll be more likely to keep engaging with you.


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