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I'm a travel writer, script writer, marketing expert and SEO specialist.
I'm also very sexy.
I'm handsome. I'm hilarious.
And most importantly for you, I'm not boring.
Most online content is tedious, mundane, clichéd and uninteresting. Mine isn't.
If you want to hire a boring writer, look elsewhere.
But if you want your site visitors to actually enjoy the juicy morsels of content you serve up to them, hire me.
I'm your hero. Your muse. Your new writer. I'm Paul McDougal.
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Here's what people are saying about me...

"Paul writes engaging articles of very high quality after thoroughly researching the topics he's assigned. His unique creative style, quick turnaround, and mastery of SEO quickly made him become my favorite writer. I love reading his articles. I now work with him very often to write new articles and even to edit other writers' articles. He is very easy to communicate with and to work with. I highly recommend Paul for any writing projects."


Firas, founder of TravelCenter.io

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