Need a Writer?

My name is Paul, and I’m a creative travel writer, script writer, marketing expert and SEO specialist. 

Here's a story:

A few years ago, I started writing.


I wanted to be professional. 


I wanted to impress and I wanted to do things right, so I copied what other professional writers were doing. I diligently learned from the people who were where I wanted to be. 


I copied their style, I copied their tone and I copied their approach.

But I was generating boring content, and I was being a boring writer.  

And so I learned that most writers are boring. Most online content is boring.

But mine isn't.


I learned that writers should be interesting. I changed my style, my tone and my approach. And by doing those things, I picked up way more clients, way more money and way more success.


But more importantly (for you), I helped my clients to generate more traffic, generate more leads and generate more money.

If you want mundane content, don't hire me - because I can't be bothered to write it.

Don't hire a boring writer. Hire me instead.


I won't bore you, your audience, or anyone else.


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